Who is John Casablancas?



Who is John Casablancas?
John Casablancas is the founder of Elite Model Management, the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in the world. He developed the world's first ”Supermodels” and changed the modeling industry forever. He is considered the leader in the modeling industry.

The John Casablancas Centers are dedicated to providing their students with the same training, skills and knowledge that ELITE models epitomize. The John Casablancas Centers began 30+ years ago to develop local talent and promote them through their network of agencies worldwide.

If someone is interested in Modeling or Acting, what should they do?
Most people who come to John Casablancas are not sure if they are interested in pursuing modeling or acting. They want to learn and experience both and decide which suits them best. The John Casablancas Centers' programs help them determine if modeling or acting suits their needs and personality, while communicating the skills of both.

Does a person have to look like a Model to become one?
No, though so-called ”Supermodels” may share a certain look or body type, the truth is there are thousands of highly successful models, of all shapes and sizes, around the world. That's because the modeling field offers a surprisingly wide range of part-time options. In short, there is more to modeling - and the modeling business - than you see in the top fashion magazines.

Who are your students?
Our students are here to explore the world of modeling and acting , while others take our programs to improve their personal image, gain self-confidence, or to help them succeed in other aspects of their lives. Some of our students are attending school while others have already entered the workforce.

Do you work with kids?
Absolutely! Our programs begin at an early age and introduce young people to the industry in a way that they can easily understand. Our instructors, who work with younger children, tailor their classroom materials to be age-appropriate.

What is the time commitment?
The programs generally meet once per week, for 2 to 6 hours, in the evening or on the weekends. If you are attending school or work, you can take a program that fits your schedule.

Auditions or castings can take place at different times, generally during business hours, although some may take place at the John Casablancas Center in the evenings.

If you are attending middle school, high school or college, your education must be your first priority. You are expected to maintain your grades at an acceptable level to continue Your JC development. Having the best education possible is the key to success.

Do you accept everyone?
The answer is ”no”. In order to be accepted, all prospective talent must meet certain requirements. This includes a personal interview to determine if you possess the qualities that the JC Center is seeking, and to determine if you can benefit from the JC programs. Your level of commitment is a direct reflection on us; thus, we strive to accept only the most promising talent.

What makes the John Casablancas Centers different from other training centers?
We've developed the most ambitious and comprehensive professional modeling, acting and personal image development programs for our students benefit. For those seeking to their John Casablancas experience we are proud to give our students the benefit of our 30+ years of experience in modeling, acting, beauty and personal image development.

How would a student benefit if they are unsure if they want explore the world of modeling or acting?
The JC Centers' mission is to help everyone bring out their personal best. We provide the skills to succeed in life - this information is invaluable to anyone pursuing any career in life, modeling, acting or otherwise.

Students develop a strong sense of self, a quality that is always admired, recognized and respected.

I've heard about ”Specialty Modeling.” What is that?

Specialty modeling is generally defined as ”petite” modeling, ”plus-size” modeling, ”fit” modeling and ”parts” modeling. This category of modeling is available to talent of all sizes and shapes.